Embed your creatives in third-party sites




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    Jeff Eckman

    Bravo! This "ionizer" is a very powerful feature add—a seemingly minor update that in essence extends the full power of the platform to anything, anywhere, on any domain, on any device. Am I right?! Awesome.

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    Davey Harding
    I'm not sure if I'm just misunderstanding something about this, but you mention "By using embed code instead of an iFrame, you can ensure that content renders dynamically instead of using the fixed width and height of an iFrame." That appears to be a misleading statement. The embed code I'm including just goes out and fetches an iframe and places it on your page anyway. So, using an embed is no better than using an iframe, because, well, it IS using an iframe. I'm confused as to how to change the height of this iframe. The height is being placed in the style tag as 550px or every once in a while 200px (no discerning when or why). So I can't style with css without doing it manually to the style tag or using jquery to change it with the .css() method. Is there an actual preferred way to change this to 100% height for instance, when generating the embed code? Thank you for your help.

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